Dance classes

Modern Jazz Classes

Jazz dancing is a combination of dance styles including Hip Hop, Contemporary, Modern, Slow Modern, Cabaret and Up-Tempo Modern. At Roby Rogers School of Dancing, Jazz allows students to become involved in a variety of innovative movements and styles. With guest choreographers, workshops and competitions for all facets of dance, Jazz exposes students to a broader range of knowledge in not only dancing but also performing arts. Classes are taught from the Comdance Syllabus, which allows students to develop strong technique in the field of modern dance. Dancers are encouraged to enter for Comdance Modern Jazz examinations each year. For further information, please contact our office.

Classical Ballet Classes

Ballet is the basis to all dancing styles and at Roby Rogers School of Dancing we encourage all students to take part in ballet lessons. The ballet curriculum is based on the internationally recognised syllabi Comdance (CSTD Ballet), and Royal Academy of Dance London (R.A.D).  Ballet provides a strong foundation for all forms of dance as it develops skills in strength, artistry and grace. The syllabus covers Classical Ballet (barre work, exercises and dances), Free Movement (natural movement and improvisation) and Character Dance. Classes are structured according to Comdance/R.A.D graded levels, regardless of whether a student participates in examinations. Pointe work is introduced from Intermediate Foundation and dancers are able to take part in Comdance Ballet Examinations each year.  For further information, please contact our office.

Tap Classes

Tap is a fun and technical art form, which allows students to explore rhythm, beat, time signature and the music their feet are capable of making. RRSD works extensively with the Comdance tapping syllabus, giving aspiring tap dancers a strong technical foundation. The Comdance tapping syllabus caters for students aged 6 years and up and we also have our amazing Junior program as well which is loads of fun! Once dancers have a strong technical basis in the first part of the year, they then go on to enjoy working with top choreographers and teachers throughout the remainder of the year in competition and performance. Dancers are able to take part in Comdance Tap examinations each year. For further information, please contact our office.

Musical Theatre Classes

Our much-loved Musical Theatre classes for students aged 6 years and above combine elements of acting, singing and dancing in one exciting lesson.  Students will have the opportunity to study age-appropriate material from a broad range of musicals. This class is suited to students who wish to boost their confidence as well as develop skills that can be taken into the professional industry. All students will have the opportunity to further their study in Musical Theatre by entering for a Comdance Theatrical and Performing Arts Examination. From 2015-2023 we have had students enter for these examinations gaining outstanding results with 100% of students gaining Honours Plus, Honours and Highly Commended. For more information please contact our office.

Contemporary Classes

Contemporary is a connection between the mind and body encouraging students to explore emotions through a variety of movements, exercises and choreography. We are proud to offer the Comdance Jason Winters Contemporary Technique – a comprehensive, unique and world-class syllabus for Contemporary Dance. Students will receive training in this exciting Contemporary Dance syllabus, which has influences from ballet, jazz, modern, yoga and Pilates. For further information, please contact our office.

Acrobatic Arts Classes

We are so excited to introduce Acrobatics in our classes on offer in 2024! AcroDance, or acro as it is commonly referred to by dancers and dance professionals, is the beautiful fusion of classic dance technique and the precision and athleticism of acrobatic elements. Dancers who train through Acrobatic Arts have balanced development, are stronger, more flexible and fearless. Studios that implement this program will see dancers with more skills, who have fewer accidents, and are less likely to develop chronic injuries.Designed for students 4 years and above, students will start with fundamental skills of acrobatics and gradually progress to a variety of advanced skills, from cartwheels and forward rolls, to aerials and back handsprings.

Limber & Stretch Classes

Our Limber & Stretch classes are designed to limber and stretch the body, improve fitness, flexibility and technique across all styles as well as build strength and stamina which is integral for all dance styles. The class is designed to help improve the dancer’s body longevity, avoiding injury through stretching and strengthening, ensuring it LAST’s! All dancers are encouraged to participate in these classes as it will assist them greatly with their regular class work, especially Acrobatic Arts! Limber & Stretch classes are offered to students from Junior to Advanced.

Adults Dance Classes

We have fabulous Mature and Motivated classes in Hip Hop, Modern Jazz and Tap! These classes are designed for fun and fitness as well as for adult students with a love for performing and dance. Our Mature & Motivated students are enthusiastic participants in the Eisteddfod and our End of Year Concert. Students in these classes have formed wonderful friendships in an environment that is always full of energy and laughter.

Cabaret Classes

Cabaret is a dance style offered only in Term 3 and 4 of the dancing year in preparation for annual Eisteddfods. Dancers must enrol in Modern Jazz to be eligible to be a part of Cabaret routines and groups. Cabaret is a stylistic form of dance which incorporates jazz, musical theatre, drama and sometimes a story line. These routines are always a highlight for students as they are fun and exciting!

Little Performer’s Programs 

We are delighted to offer our Little Performer’s Program, consisting of a range of classes specifically designed for little dancers from ages 2 to 6 years. All Little Performers Classes run for 30 minutes weekly. These classes are the perfect introduction to our structured syllabi for all dance genres and musical theatre.

Little Ballerinas – 2-5 Years
Our Little Ballerinas class is a fun-filled lesson specifically designed for little dancers who love to move! Dancers build confidence and coordination in this class whilst learning to march, skip, jump, count, clap and so much more. Learning to dance is fun at Little Ballerinas!

Prep Ballet – 5-6 Years (Kindy/Prep)
Our Prep Ballet program is designed for dancers who simply love all things dancing and ballet. Prep Ballet explores the introductory steps and placement of ballet, essential to all dancers in a fun and exciting environment. Students have the opportunity to use props and create rhythms whilst developing flexibility, musicality, coordination and discipline.

Mini Movers Tap & Jazz – 4-6 Years (Kindy/Prep)
Dancers in Mini Movers Tap and Jazz will enjoy the fun and excitement involved in learning introductory tapping and modern jazz steps. Mini Movers gives dancers the opportunity to try two styles of dance in one exciting lesson! With a class duration of 45 minutes, Mini Movers will tap for 20 Minutes exploring rhythm, timing and musicality techniques and then change into their Jazz shoes and groove for 20 minutes.

Acro Tots – 4-6 Years (Kindy/Prep)                                                          Dancers in Acro Tots will enjoy the fun and excitement involved in learning introductory acrobatic skills. RRSD is a certified Acrobatic Arts school and we pride ourselves on creating a safe and encouraging environment for our Acro Tots.  With a class duration of 45 minutes, Acro Tots will learn progressive acrobatic skills from forward rolls and baby bridges, to teddy bear headstands and balancing skills.


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