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Roby Rogers School of Dancing

With an excellent reputation for producing talented and well-rounded dancers, Roby Rogers School of Dancing (RRSD) in Mackay aims to provide students with the opportunity to stimulate, challenge and celebrate their love of performing as they build confidence, self-esteem, physical and social well-being, teamwork, invaluable life skills and discipline. From beginners to pre-professional level, all Roby Rogers dance studio students are treasured and trained by highly qualified, dedicated and caring teachers in a supportive and inspiring environment.

Learn to emphasise fluid, graceful movements and long lines with adherence to proper form and classical technique.

Classical Ballet

Embrace the power, technique, confidence and style associated with modern jazz.

Modern Jazz

Learn to strike the floor to create your own individual rhythm and sound.


Embrace your inner creativity and energy in a fun-filled and expressive environment.

Musical Theatre

Integrate the traditional elements of ballet with the modern movements of jazz in an interpretive style.


Mould your body to become more refined with a focus on strength, flexibility, technique, acrobatics and endurance.


Designed for dancers 18 mths to 6 yrs, these programs promote fun, coordination, and the perfect introduction to the foundations of dance.

Little Performers Programs

Learn to pop, step, break and lock as well as invent your own moves at hip hop.

Hip Hop

Learn the stylised movements from the genre that transgressed from Broadway.


Designed for dancers 18 years and over, RRSD offers modern jazz, hip hop and tap for any adult with a desire to dance.

Mature & Motivated

What RRSD offers

Roby Rogers School of Dancing offers a unique and unparalleled experience for those wanting to ignite their inner desire to dance and perform. We pride ourselves on providing world-class dance syllabi, choreography and opportunity for anyone with a passion for the arts. Roby Rogers Dance Studio offers limited dance class sizes so that each and every student is granted individual attention and motivation from our highly qualified staff in a nurturing and loving environment. Our timetable has been designed to offer a diverse and enjoyable range of classes in Mackay and the Pioneer Valley for students from the age of 2 years right through to adults.


  • Classical Ballet
  • Modern Jazz
  • Tap
  • Contemporary
  • Musical Theatre
  • Acrobatic Arts
  • Limber & Stretch
  • Hip Hop

Little Performer Programs

  • Little Ballerinas (2-5yrs)
  • Prep Ballet (5-6yrs)
  • Mini Movers (2-5yrs)
  • Acro Tots (2-5yrs)

Mature & Motivated 

  • Adults Jazz/Hip Hop (18+)
  • Adults Tap (18+)

Examinations & Private Tuition

  • Comdance Examinations in Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz, Contemporary, Musical Theatre & Hip Hop
  • R.A.D Classical Ballet Examinations 
  • Private Tuition

At Roby Rogers it’s not coming first that matters the most, it’s the journey and the joy in personal best that is encouraged!"

- Maree S.

They are excellent with communication, great teachers who are always striving to give the best and make things exciting for all their students. Since my daughter started with Roby Rogers up until now, I have noticed a big boost in her confidence and also her skills that have grown.

Thank you, Roby Rogers, for being such a wonderful dance school and for always encouraging your students to follow their passion and for helping them onto the best possible path. My daughter always looks forward to every Friday for her musical theatre lesson"

- Melanie H.

"Roby Rogers Dance School is a family where we are all treated with respect and kindness. The dancers learn proper dance technique and etiquette, are given opportunities to shine, and learn in a trusted environment. My daughter learns different dance styles and is always encouraged to do her best. The RRDS Teachers are knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about Dance but also love what they do and enjoy teaching. Our family loves being a part of the Roby Rogers Dance School family"

- Maree S.

"The teachers are lovely, professional, very warm, welcoming and understanding, highly Recommend"

- Tamika H.

"My experience with Roby Rogers Dance School started in 1998/1999 and it has been everything the tiny dancer inside myself and my daughter has ever dreamed of. My family have been dancing with Roby Rogers Dance School off and on for over 20 years.
For me, the professionalism with a combination of a family feel. I drive an hour and half 2 times a week for my daughter and I just to go to Roby Rogers dance school we love them so much!!!"

- Brooklyn B.

"We have been a part of the RRSD family for 3 years and I have nothing but praise for the teachers. My daughter loves attending her dancing lessons and the staff are kind loving and patient with their students. We hope to be with RRSD for many years to come and I know my daughter will continue to thrive and grow under the guidance of her wonderful teachers."

- Peta K.

"Very professional, structured dance school with exceptional teaching staff. My daughter has progressed immensely since joining RRSD and for this we are very grateful. She not only adores her teachers, but she has made life long friends with her fellow dancers. Roby Rogers Dance School is very passionate about their dancers and enabling them to progress successfully."

- Kate T.

"My daughter has been enjoying RRSD and every week she can't wait to attend dancing with all her little Ballerina friends. She was quite shy initially but has become so much more confident around people since starting. She loves her teachers and can't wait to show us at home what she did in class that day."

- Chanice D.

"We could not have wished for a better dance education for our little girl. We have been with RRSD for over 3 years now and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. Miss Courtney and the team provide a professional yet personalised program for all levels of dance and we feel so blessed to be a part of the RRSD team. We are so excited for the future of Dance in our family and thank the RRSD team for all their hard work and dedication to their dancers"

- Rebecca S.

"Warm, inviting friendly faces every time we arrive at dance class, a remarkable dance school to be a part of."

- Tiesha W.

"Roby Rogers school of Dance is one of both warmth and honesty, as well as organised and professional. This has been our first year of dance at RRSD and we have been welcomed with open arms, like we have never been anywhere else. Thank-you RRSD team for a wonderful year."

- Penny S.


Phone: 0407 638 020
Email: [email protected]